Live Well, Work Better

Once, work and life took place in separate silos. Today, the boundaries are blurred. When conditions are right, the two can be much better together. At Water Garden, conditions are ideal. Water Garden today is the result of soaring imagination and relentless attention to detail. In addition to redesigning our outdoor space, we’ve redistributed water for a more environmentally friendly landscape that creates room to roam and opportunities to connect. In these and countless other ways, we’ve given our destination the attention it deserves, artfully transforming it into the Westside’s preferred work and playground.

Use the color key to locate the many services and amenities at Water Garden.


The Corner Subway
City Kitchen Express Trimana
Mrs. Winston’s Green Grocery


Fed Ex
U.S. Mail Services
Overnite Express


Photo Processing

Bay Club

Bright Horizons

Aztec Car Wash

City National Bank

Sundry/Dry Cleaning