Space Availability

Suite Sq Ft Availability 2450 Colorado Boulevard Floorplan
1001-W 1,469 SqFt Immediate Raw 1001-W
1003-W 1,134 SqFt Immediate Raw 1003-W
1007-W 2,068 SqFt Immediate 1 office, open plan 1007-W
300-E 31,340 SqFt Immediate Full floor, open plan, 34 window offices, 1 kitchen 300-E
Suite Sq Ft Availability 1601 Cloverfield Boulevard Floorplan
200-S 30,141 SqFt Immediate Office space 200-S
4000-N 28,869 SqFt Immediate Full floor, creative buildout 4000-N
6000-N 25,245 SqFt Immediate Open plan 6000-N
1000-N 19,292 SqFt Immediate Office space 1000-N
5000-N 17,098 SqFt Immediate Creative Buildout 5000-N
2000-N 11,432 SqFt Immediate Open plan 2000-N
Suite Sq Ft Availability 2425 W. Olympic Boulevard Floorplan
500-E 14,749 SqFt Immediate Office space 500-E
5050-W 14,585 SqFt Immediate 29 window offices, 9 interior offices, 2 kitchens, 1 storage 5050-W
5000-W 14,235 SqFt Immediate Open plan creative space 5000-W
6050-W 9,123 SqFt Immediate 12 window offices, 4 interior offices, 1 kitchen, 4 storage 6050-W
160-E 2,398 SqFt Immediate Restaurant space 160-E
140-E 1,798 SqFt Immediate Interior office 140-E
115-E 1,031 SqFt Immediate Interior 115-E
Suite Sq Ft Availability 1620 26th Street Floorplan
1060-N 1,927 SqFt Immediate 2 window offices, 2 interior offices, 1 kitchen 1060-N
2045-N 1,293 SqFt Immediate 3 interior offices 2045-N
2090-N 2074 SqFt Immediate 3 window offices, 1 kitchen 2090-N

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